We Fix Your Home Computers, Devices, & Network Problems

In 1942 Thomas Watson, the president of IBM, said “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” Counting desktop, laptop, tablet, and smart phone devices, you probably have more than five computers in your home.
Keeping those devices flawlessly working and in sync is Neighborhood Computers’ job. That way you can enjoy life, not waste time fixing the devices you bought to simplify your life.

Neighborhood Computers offers the following support onsite and at our shop, so you can enjoy your time:

  • Automated Backups: Photos, financial records, emails and other data are often irreplaceable. We recommend onsite and cloud-based backup and can quickly set up both for you.
  • Mac and PC Repairs: When an old device stops working, should you repair or replace it? We can help you decide with an initial consultation to learn your needs. From there we diagnose and implement a satisfactory solution.
  • Email: Today’s email should sync between all your devices. We’ll teach you which sync options are best for your situation and transfer your old emails to a better system.
  • Internet Security: Everyone needs protection from the bad guys on the internet. We can tell you the best options to keep your digital life safe and erect the security you need to keep invaders out of your home network and devices.

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IT Solutions for Small Business

Neighborhood Computers is committed to meeting every business client’s unique technical needs. We begin with a complimentary audit and assessment of your network needs and business goals. Based on those findings we create a custom plan drawn from the services we provide below:

  • Network support: Set up, manage, and standardize small business networks to increase network reliability and uptime
  • Asset management: Consolidate business information in one place to increase your IT infrastructure’s manageability
  • Eliminating inefficiencies: Consolidate and automate the work flow steps that cause you and your company pain and anguish
  • Workstations: Support, maintain, and monitor your workstations to increase their reliability and availability
  • Software: Install, upgrade, and monitor software to ensure worry-free functioning
  • Storage solutions: Provide secure, dependable data storage to increase network and date efficiency, security, reliability, and disaster recovery

While Neighborhood Computers is a small company, we have over 35 years of combined experience. We keep up-to-date with business and network best practices so we know what works best to satisfy your business IT needs. Click to learn more about our small business services.


Want to hire the real pros? The crew at Neighborhood Computers are experienced, professional, reasonable and proficient at anything technical. I have used them for my personal and work computers and have always been a satisfied customer. I’m a long-time customer. They always have a good solution for any technical issues I’ve had. They are fast and efficient. Good people…

  • Holly H., Lafayette