Frequently Asked Questions

What is IT asset management? Why do I need it?

Your network is one of your greatest assets of your company. Neighborhood Computers offers full IT asset management from workstation and server updates, security, and maintenance to ISP correspondence, help desk, and unlimited support. Our customers benefit from our ability to setup solid networks that keep their work infrastructure efficiently running everyday. We take full responsibility for your company’s IT infrastructure.

What is a network evaluation?

Our network evaluation allows us to inventory all of your IT assets–everything from ISPs to firewalls, network appliances, workstations, printers, scanners and more.  Neighborhood Computers will inventory all model numbers, serial numbers, purchase information and warranty details.  The benefit for the customer is that it allows us (and you) to see where any holes in your network security, workflow efficiency or network performance. We develop an exclusive long term network plan based on your company’s IT needs and your budget. We want to build and form long standing business relationships with excellent companies. Once you receive a current snapshot of current IT assets and network infrastructure, we’re confident you will see how we can help you for the better.

What happens after the audit and evaluation is complete?

Neighborhood Computers will develop a customized bring-up plan (what we recommend in order to successfully support you long term).  The goal is to make your overall network as secure and efficient as possible with expected growth, scalability and a long term plan for support and the ever changing IT world.

Why think Long Term with Neighborhood Computers?

Once you’ve hired us to perform initial improvements to your network, we already know your infrastructure better than you!  We can continue to support your system very efficiently. You will understand by working with us that all we want to do is provide stellar support for well-managed networks. We understand that time is valuable, both for you and us. We want your technology to work for you with minimal issues that alleviate headaches for you and us.

How does Neighborhood Computers approach the residential/home user?

Just like with our business clients, Neighborhood Computers believes in best practices based on what we have found to be the most reliable products and services out there.  We know what the residential user needs in order to have a secure, efficient and sync network of home and mobile devices.We consult on best email practices, backup solutions, picture storage, and many more technology solutions for our residential customers.

Do you perform repairs?

We can repair just about anything tech-related.  Neighborhood Computers always begins with a diagnosis, either on location or in our shop.  We provide honest, thoughtful analysis so that you can make an educated decision about whether to repair or replace a product. We want you to spend your technology dollars wisely, so we offer you with our honest opinion, every time.

How much do Neighborhood Computers’ services cost?

Neighborhood Computers provides three different pricing structures: time and materials in shop or onsite (hourly), flat rate pricing (in shop), and unlimited service plans (for businesses). We have many products and services, but these are among the most popular:

  • In shop and remote service – $150 per hour, billed by the quarter hour (15 minutes)
  • Onsite service for home or office – $150 per hour
  • Virus removal and optimization (in shop) – $100
  • Operating System Re-installation, data migration,
  • and program installation – $200
  • Data transfer from old computers to new ones – $100

We also provide custom solutions, based on each customer’s unique and individualized needs.  Some of the factors that affect pricing: how many users do you have?  Do you have any remote users?  Do you have a server?  Are all of the computers on one operating system?