IT services

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Neighborhood Computers is the premium standard in IT service and support.

We provide business and residential solutions in an efficient, upfront and sensible way.  Neighborhood Computers believes in consulting with clients on their level.  We understand that you have a professional specialty or a busy household to manage.  Leave the technology to us.  We know how to make the network in your business or home run efficiently.

We believe in proactive, preemptive maintenance.  Should problems come up, Neighborhood Computers is responsive and thorough, and will work quickly to get your network back on track.

Neighborhood Computers specializes in business IT services.

We begin with a comprehensive evaluation and audit, which allows us to identify any holes in your network or potential problems on the horizon with older equipment. Next, we’ll recommend the changes needed to standardize your workstations, servers and get your overall network operating as efficiently as possible. Finally, we provide long term remote and on site support to our clients.

Neighborhood Computers is committed to meeting every business client’s unique technical needs.  Following a complimentary audit and assessment, we will create a custom plan which could include:

    • Network support: we perform setup, management and standardization of business networks
    • Asset management: we keep all of your information in one place in order to manage your IT infrastructure
    • Eliminating inefficiencies: we consolidate the multiple steps that are causing pain and anguish for your company
    • Workstations: we offer support, maintenance and monitoring
    • Software: we offer installation, application upgrades and monitoring
    • Storage solutions: data consolidation and cloud-based computing can go a long way in improving your network’s efficiency
    • We work off of best practices: we know what works best for your business IT needs


Life is more simple when it’s in sync.

Let Neighborhood Computers create an efficient network for you when you’re at home and on the go. We consult on best practices for everything from data backups and storage to e-mail programs and antivirus software, based on our many years of experience. We evaluate and diagnose computer and network issues on site or remotely. We also welcome residential users in our shop for drop off services.

Neighborhood Computers understands the needs of its residential users. It’s about making life simple with home and mobile devices that are in synch and working flawlessly. We provide on site support in your home or at our shop:


    • Data storage: we suggest two forms of backup, on site and cloud-based
    • Device repairs: we can repair just about anything. We will offer an honest cost/benefit analysis of repairing a machine versus replacing it
    • E-Mail: we encourage e-mail programs that synch well with difference devices
    • Consulting on best practices: we have years of experience and we know what works really well for the residential customer


We can repair just about anything computer related.

Neighborhood Computers provides technical solutions for iPhone, iPad and iPod, PC, Mac, wireless Internet, home theater and more. We perform a thorough evaluation and diagnosis so that you can make an informed decision about your electronic devices. We’re not just skilled technicians, we’re also your neighbors. We will give you our honest opinion in our diagnosis and we will advise you on the best choices for spending your technology dollars.

Neighborhood Computers makes it easy for our customers to get the support and assistance they need:


    • We serve as administrators: we will talk to your ISP, book a service appointment, resolve the situation for you
    • Remote support
    • On site support
    • Service available in our shop