Business Services

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Small business owners benefit greatly from Neighborhood Computers’ comprehensive and tailor-made services.

We typically provide custom plans based on the overall, individual need of each company we service.  Some companies simply need desktop or laptop support with few, if any, custom applications.  Some companies require more maintenance and monitoring.  Neighborhood Computers is the ideal choice for the small business owner who wants a simpler, more efficient network–and a way to rid the company of the headaches that come with struggling to manage IT issues internally.

All business customers benefit from Neighborhood Computers’ thorough and comprehensive 3-step approach:

  1. Evaluation and audit:  this allows us to inventory all of your IT assets, including ISP, firewall, network appliances, switches, servers, work stations, printers and scanners.  We will inventory by model number, serial number and date of purchase so that we can accurately and quickly trouble-shoot any problems that come up
  2. Bring-up plan:  we make prudent recommendations so we can support you long term.  We will suggest the changes to make your network as efficient as possible.  This might include consolidating data, an alternative backup system or replacing equipment.  We believe an efficient network saves businesses money over time and makes your employees more productive
  3. Long term support plan:  typically, this will be a complete care service plan.  After hiring Neighborhood Computers to improve your network, we arguably know the infrastructure better than you do.  We will have set it up in a way that allows us to manage it, very efficiently, and provide a plan for replacing network components when they are approaching end of life. We are in this for the long term and we hope you are too.

Neighborhood Computers consults on best business IT practices, based on many years of service and what products we have found to benefit our customers the most. We simply want to sell and support products and services that work. Plain and simple.