Honest.  Experienced.  Efficient.

Neighborhood Computers isn’t here to offer a slick sales pitch.  We simply offer stellar service to our clients.  We have years of experience and know what works best for businesses and residential users.

A little history. Our company was founded in 1999 by Paul Ghysels who prided himself on delivering honest IT products and services to both home and business customers. His prices were fair and his friendly demeanor attracted customers around the Lamorinda area for affordable IT support in a small neighborhood computer shop. He ran the company for about 10 years and then sold the company in 2009 to the current owner, Grant Stubblefield. Grant, a Saint Mary’s College graduate, seasoned Moraga community volunteer and experienced IT administrator, knew that he wanted to continue Paul’s legacy of offering fair-priced and honest IT services. He created the current established brand of the company and began a heavy focus on customer service based IT services for the home and office. The office is now three times the original and employees five technicians that service clients all over the San Francisco Bay Area along with other states for remote support.

As the company grows, it remains with the same principles of finding the best solutions for the client, not the best sale. Our technicians focus on the mission at hand: what is ultimately going to make our customers happy? Most likely a fast, functional computer or technology solution.  Today, we offer remote, onsite, and in shop services to assist our clients and their many tech needs.

We work off of best practices.  We are expert consultants.  We don’t just advise for the short-term.  We want our clients’ IT needs to be met for the long term, too. We advise our clients based on what technologies we have found the most effective in our industry. We simply want technology to work for our clients.

We are vigilant.  When errors come up–on your server, an employee’s work station, or if something simply fails–we will work on it, whether you tell us to or not.  That’s our job, not yours. We understand that people specialize in different fields for a reason. Technology is our field and we can leverage our knowledge to create the best network for you.

We are proactive and we are responsive.  When we receive an e-mail from our monitoring system, we are immediately on the phone with your tech liaison or resolving the issue remotely.  We will work with Comcast, AT&T or any other ISP to immediately address any problems with your internet connection. If we need to come out on site, we will be there as quickly as possible. We take full responsibility for your network infrastructure and treat it as if it was our own network.

Let us take the weight off of your shoulders.  Let us relieve your office’s IT point person.  Even if your business is part of a specialized industry with unique programs and software, Neighborhood Computers will learn and understand them.  Let Neighborhood Computers be an extension of your staff, too.