Residential Support

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Neighborhood Computers approaches our home based clients with the same thorough and comprehensive approach as our business clients:  we consult on best practices.

Among our home based services:

  1. Data:  storage, backup and recovery.  Most home users don’t store data off site, so it’s essential to have a backup; we recommend two forms of backup (on site and cloud based).
  2. E-Mail:  we recommend services that sync with multiple devices, including iPad, iPhone, computer, Outlook, Apple Mail, other mobile devices, calendars and contacts.
  3. Repairs:  we can repair just about anything tech related.  Often, it comes down to: how old is the product?  Does the customer want to pay to have it repaired or put that money toward a new product?  Neighborhood Computers always begins with a detailed diagnosis and thoughtful analysis of the customer’s options and provides our honest opinion on what we would do in your position. We focus on making our customers happy by making their technology work for them.
  4. Syncing:  Neighborhood Computers can simplify your life by syncing all of your devices and applications like contacts, calendars and e-mail. We know how important it is for everything to be in sync because we are users too, both personally and professionally.

Neighborhood Computers consults on best residential practices, based on many years of service.